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Even if that freedom was only until lunch period ended.

Still, it was a freedom that he would cherish until the next class, however short that freedom may be. Even though he had been here for a while, Naruto still had trouble finding his way around, so he always used the opportunity lunch represented to learn the lay of the land, so to speak.

After a second or two, he sighed."Still nothing..."There was not even a hint of what he had been looking for. He shook his head and slapped himself on the cheeks to get out of his minor funk. It felt so good, especially after a hard night of trying to get his ruined body back into shape.

That old saying that you never knew what you had lost until it was gone had never rung more true to him than it did now.

At 17 years of age, Naruto could say he was honestly pleased with what he saw.The rest of his outfit was actually much different from the standard academy uniform, an orange short sleeve shirt underneath his dress shirt and orange and black sneakers. What good was algebra and science going to do anyone who didn't plan on being a nerdy science geek? It consisted of several buildings with the main one being a long, rectangular building that was four stories tall with a slanted roof, reddish brown tiles and built like some kind of traditional European Mansion. His knowledge on the history of this world and it's architecture was incredibly sketchy, meaning nearly nonexistent.They were still considered acceptable within the school standards, though the Principle had frowned upon seeing his choice in color. If that man didn't understand the greatness of orange, that was his problem. What good was history when he didn't give two twats about the past? Naruto wasn't some nerdy science geek or some stupid smart physics professor in the making. Still, it was a very nice looking building and he supposed that's what mattered.Once he was dressed and his stomach was full, the blond locked the door to his apartment and was ready to start his day with a grin. When would the velocity vector at time , can be computed as the derivative of position: ever be useful? He was a ninja, combat was his profession and kicking ass was his calling card. Let the people who were going into professions that needed to use that crap learn it. Granted, he didn't know how a ninja would live in this world, but he was sure he could figure something out if given time. The school he was going to was called Kuoh Academy. All that being said, he still didn't want to be here.Until that time came, however, he was stuck going to school. Naruto heard tell that at one point it had been an all-girls school, but had changed to coed sometime before he had arrived. Just why he let that strange man talk him into coming here was so far beyond him at the moment it wasn't even worth thinking about. He had been just as glad to hear the bell ring yesterday that he did today.

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