Double standards in dating practices

It took another four years before Sajidi’s parents learnt about ABA and found professionals to work with him – at which point his behaviour started to improve.That transformation led to Futuro School, which Sajidi’s father founded in 2004.In 2016, the government removed the school’s experimental label and granted it 15 more years of funding.Sajidi is now 90 per cent independent, thanks to the continued behavioural interventions he has received, according to his father. France lags about four decades behind countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom when it comes to diagnosing and treating autism, says Danièle Langloys, president of the advocacy group Autisme France.Behind the brightly coloured walls of Futuro School’s main hallway, in a small, cosy cubicle, Samy Sajidi is meeting with his counsellor.

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With that new diagnosis, they took their boy out of the day hospital and enrolled him in a mainstream school for two hours a week.In its 2016 report on France, a United Nations body of experts called the Committee on the Rights of the Child similarly expressed concerns that “children with autism continue to be subjected to widespread violations of their rights”.Responding in part to these high-profile criticisms, the French government has taken small steps in the right direction.The Council of Europe, a Strasbourg-based organisation that focuses on human rights across the continent, condemned France five times between 20 for discriminating against people with autism.The organisation said that France violates, among other things, the rights of people with autism to be educated in mainstream schools and to receive vocational training.

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