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What’s worse, there will on occasion be a sort of ‘system update’. The Gentoo documentation and the handbook will at this time encourage you to update to this new profile. If you are a system administrator, rather than a desktop user, this should be enough to scare the living daylights out of you!A profile update will touch a very large number of configuration files, and it may even alter your startup process.Assume that you don’t have X11 and that you don’t want it. In Gentoo on the other hand you would have -x11 in your USE flags and everything would be cool. There are also little touches like how Gentoo uses colors by default, to improve clarity and to go easier on the eyes.Now, you are installing PHP and you want to have support for graphical operations (image conversion, CAPTCHA generation, etc). All of these things make it a pleasure to use Gentoo.Applying security patches and updating system apps is an important part of maintaining the Gentoo operating system. It is very important to have up to date system backup before you do this.Backup all your database and files in $HOME, /etc/ and more.Most packages will take note and your system will be made into one harmonious whole of software agreeing with each other about what should be used and what should not.

The system is better than most Linux systems I have seen when it comes to general package management and installation. It makes it easy to update and install software together with the necessary dependencies.Obviously this is not something you want to do to any server.It would be very difficult to verify that everything works as it used to afterwards, and you’d be fairly likely to end up with broken configuration files that may stop working the next time you reboot.Unfortunately Gentoo encourages you to update software on a frequent basis, just for the sake of updating. Gentoo is rather a moving target where emerge will forever cause your system to approach the cutting edge.From the Gentoo handbook: If all you’re concerned with is keeping your web server up, what you usually want to do is to set up a stable system and then forget about it.

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