Ethiopian jewish dating

The Kebra Nagast (Glory of Kings), the religious and national epic dating from the 14th century, illustrates Ethiopian Christianity's attitude toward Jews.

It states that Ethiopia was chosen as Zion by God, because the Jews are "unworthy," "wicked," "Christ-killers," "enemies of God," and will therefore be exterminated.

Christianity and Islam became official religions, and district representatives have held compulsory seminars dwelling on the evils of "non-traditional," illegal religions - i.e., Judaism and animism.

No other missionaries came until the mid-19th century, the height of the Protestants' conversion campaign.The Marxist government expelled missionaries in 1977.Although the government sees all religion as an enemy of the state, it could not successfully prohibit it.On the left, the Marxist-Leninist Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party has also attacked Jews as having "narrow nationalist" interests that are not acceptable in a modern (i.e. Jews have been persecuted by the government as well.In 1981, Major Melaku, member of the central ruling party and governor of Gondar Province, confiscated religious books, closed the synagogues and schools, imprisoned and tortured Hebrew teachers and religious leaders for teaching "Zionist propaganda," made it hard for Jews to travel in the country, and closed the market except on Saturdays - thus forcing Jews, who will not work or travel on the Sabbath, to hire Moslem middlemen who take most of the profits.

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