Eugene hutz dating anyone

I support Zenith [a St Petersburg club] and Arsenal.

I don't like Chelsea that much because of their pragmatic style - although what can you expect from a team owned by such a pragmatic man?

Filth and Wisdom, a sprawling comedy, is a celebration of London’s ethnic stew, and stars Eugene Hutz as a Ukrainian gypsy with an intensely annoying habit of looking the camera in the eye and spouting gobbets of wisdom that have as much relevance to real life as Chinese fortune cookies.

We need a format/ Our politicians are great people, they never swear...

"They still don't like us much in Moscow," says Shnur, as he's known, when we meet to talk about their first UK-distributed album, Hleb.

Their previous CD was a collaboration with the London-based gypsy cabaret three-piece The Tiger Lillies.

Which might explain why they have such empathy with their fans. I still have to think about that." It doesn't take a genius to work out that booze plays a big role in Leningrad's music.

"There's no barrier between the audience and us," Shnur says. It represents a language most people understand, alongside their street poetry and political criticism.

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