Event thread updating guestmetrics

QThread is the central, low-level class for thread support in Qt.A QThread object represents one thread of execution.You see, this takes time (user responds in matter of seconds) and you need a responsive GUI (the messages are still pumped in EDT) during all this time while EDT is blocking (it does not handle newer, e.g.JFile Chooser, messages in the queue before the dialog is closed and current component action is finished).

We haven’t detected security issues or inappropriate content on and thus you can safely use it.These requests are submitted to the queue by system and any application thread.EDT consumes them one after another and responds by updating the GUI components.The vicious cycle is broken through EDT entering a new message loop, which dispatches the messages as per normal until "modal dialog is over" arrives and normal message processing resumes from the blocked position in the component action.The open source Foxtrot project emulates the Swing message loop pumping to provide the "synchronous" execution mechanism for arbitrary user tasks, which proceeds only after the worker completes the task.

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