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Worked for Don, which for awhile led to some jokes. Betty takes primary custody after the divorce, which causes Sally to resent her even more.

Then after Don was (temporarily) on leave, she worked for Lou and became Office Manager after Joan left for Accounts Betty Francis: I wanted a fresh start, OK? The wife of the real Don Draper, who lives in California.

A chronic drinker and womanizer, he's a bit older than Don (having served in the Pacific Theater of World War II), but is arguably his closest friend (or, along with Peggy, perhaps the closest thing he has to a friend).

He inherited his partnership from his father, a friend of Bert Cooper's.

Initially presented as the unwelcome representative of the foreign overlords, it proves that PPL isn't exactly treating him well, either.

He skips to SCDP to do the same job, where he finally has the resources to be effective...Seen at first as a Replacement Scrappy for Sal Romano, his cocky mannerisms and political grandstanding dies down as the firm nears disaster. Over the first three seasons, she finds out a lot about Don that she didn't want to know and confronts him several times to varying effect, eventually having an affair of her own and divorcing Don for her lover.Much of his obnoxious behavior is tolerated because he's quite good at his job. So far seems to be doing just fine in the world of SCDP. Betty: Jesus, Henry, just once could you take my side? Since this, the main focus for her has been what an awful ex-wife and mother she is. Very intelligent and precocious, she seems to take after her father.However, his experiences at work give him a sense of humility and maturity that makes him a more likable character by Season 4 (in some viewers' eyes, anyway). Voluptuous and highly competent — if at times difficult — head of the Sterling Cooper secretarial pool at the beginning, with an on-again-off-again affair with Roger Sterling.By the end of Season 4, she's the office manager at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and widely recognized as the Partner at Sterling Cooper and then Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

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