Expression dating someone at work

\d)$ I landed here because the title of this question is broad and I was looking for a regex that I could use to match on a specific date format (like the OP).

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without boundary tags 20/12/194 matches as 20/12/19 and 101/12/1974 matches as 01/12/1974 Compare the results of the next expression to the one above with the test data in the nonsense section (below) There's no validation in this regex so a well-formed but invalid date such as 31/02/2001 would be matched.

It should also be bookended with the boundary operators to ensure the whole date string is selected and prevent valid sub-dates being extracted from data that is not well-formed i.e.

In my exploration of the issues, I have come up with a system that enables you to build a regular expression by arranging together four simpler sub-expressions that match on the delimiter, and valid ranges for the year, month and day fields in the order you require.

But I then discovered, as many of the answers and comments have comprehensively highlighted, there are many pitfalls that make constructing an effective pattern very tricky when extracting dates that are mixed-in with poor quality or non-structured source data.

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