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Foley refused to confirm or deny whether all 23 remain in the camp three-and-a-half months in.

Given that all the volunteers are single apart from Raphael, a 55-year-old carpenter who is married with grown-up children, the chances are that relationships are likely to form between some members.The last time something like this was attempted, in the series Castaway (2000), the participants were provided with eco-pods to live in, received regular letters from home, were entitled to one visit by loved ones and had regular contact with the show’s producers.But Eden promises to be the most extreme reality TV show yet.It promises to be a bold idea, not least because of the scale of the concept but also because as programme-makers we have no idea what will happen.” The producers’ first challenge was to find a site that was sufficiently remote to provide the level of isolation necessary to make the project a success.They settled on the Ardnamurchan estate near Lochaber, one of the most beautiful wildscapes in Britain.

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