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In these circumstances there is no basis for taxing the trustees, because they are not in receipt of the income.The beneficiary is chargeable on the income because they are entitled to it.There may also be an issue, in that the dividend income may not be treated as such when paid to the beneficiary for the purpose of the new personal savings allowance.

The pension you'll get when you retire and the tax free lump sum should be authorised payments because they should meet the payment conditions set by legislation.

Common examples of situations where payments are classed as unauthorised include: Certain movements of pension funds within a pension scheme are also classed as unauthorised payments.

Your scheme administrator should be able to tell you if you're in any doubt. Taking your pension - the basics Top Unscrupulous firms are using misleading information to promote personal loans or cash incentives and enticing savers to unlock their pension pots early.

More on pension liberation schemes in the link below: Pension liberation - the cost of accessing or unlocking your pension early Top Unauthorised payments are subject to the following tax charges: Where the unauthorised payment is made to or for a member, it's the member who's responsible for paying the tax charge - even if they didn't receive the payment.

If the payment is made after the member's death the person who receives the payment is responsible for paying the tax.

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