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Very often these firms say there is a legal loophole they can use so you don't pay tax.There is no legal loophole and these transactions are unauthorised payments.All other assets could then be mandated as they are now.I can’t comment on whether dividend income is treated as such when it has turned into trust income.More on pension liberation schemes in the link below: Pension liberation - the cost of accessing or unlocking your pension early Top Unauthorised payments are subject to the following tax charges: Where the unauthorised payment is made to or for a member, it's the member who's responsible for paying the tax charge - even if they didn't receive the payment.If the payment is made after the member's death the person who receives the payment is responsible for paying the tax.In these circumstances there is no basis for taxing the trustees, because they are not in receipt of the income.

So in such a case there is no statutory basis (see TSEM3761) for taxing the trustees as being in receipt of the income.Where the payment is made to or for an employer participating in an occupational pension scheme it's the employer who's subject to the unauthorised payments tax charge.The rate of the unauthorised payments charge is 40%.For an interest in possession trust (typically one where there is a life interest so that the life tenant is entitled to the income) where the income is mandated to the beneficiary and all the remaining income not mandated has been taxed at source the wording of the SA900 Trust SATR states that the trustees do not have to there is no need to complete all the income details and the beneficiary can instead return the income directly on their personal SATR.In such circumstances the trustees may request to be taken out of the SA regime for future years.

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