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A mother has warned parents of the dangers of the dark web after her teenage daughter killed herself, having spent time in suicide chatrooms.

Leilani Clarke, 16, was disappointed by mock GCSE exam results the night before she...

But I saw this deal and thought I could just get it a couple weeks earlier than budgeted. Well, when i finally got the furniture after Christmas (i felt like he was going to see to it I wouldn’t have it just to entertain guest over the holidays), it was infested with roaches and within a week I had to call an exterminator. I made the payment to hold me over for another two weeks, but again, they called and emailed me 3 days before my payment was due. Go away” and he just started banging harder on the door.

I have NEVER had roaches and I have been in this house over a year now. At this point, I am becoming very frustrated with this company and I am getting to the point I want them to just pick up. My girls ran to the kitchen to get the house phone to call 911, and this fool saw them and ran to the back door and started banging on that door.

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I hope they change policies soon because if my mind don’t change, I’m going to find out which avenue to take and I will be holding them legally accountable for the crime they comitted. I am still very upset and my phone is not working properly. Reply I will never rent from the company again, this company should be shut down.

So, I specifally gave the gentlemen my pay cycle and told him because of my work schedule can he please set it up so my payments aren’t due until a few days after pay day. But I made the payment over the phone, and even discussed with the store manager himself and asked him to let’s make the payment to carry me to the 15th of Feb. My daughter and her friend were home alone and the driver that came by the house was pounding on the door and then started looking through my Windows. Then he went back to the front porch and started staring through and banging on the window again, clearly seeing these 2 girls are pure terrified.

He never said he would not do that, so I assumed he set my payment cycles for the Saturdays following my pay day of Thursday’s. They started calling me the day I got paid, which I later found out was the day He set my payments up for. He even repeated it back to me “You want to pay enough to carry you until your check on Feb 15th? He charged me a great deal over my biweekly payment, so I thought he did what he said, and carried me until the 15th. They started calling me Every day several times a day on the 14th. To make matters worse, once they called me and told,me what happened, I marched into RAC for answers.

I worked a 12 hour shift that day, and then had to leave work and take my son’s to their very first basketball game. Instead of listening to me, the big white guy (the one that sold me the merchandise) kept interrupting me and blaming it back on me.

He called during the entire game and disturbed my opportunity to watch their VERY FIRST GAME EVER. He even stated “looking through the Windows is a company policy and he was within his rights to do so to make sure our merchandise is still in the home” I told him that is illegal refer to G. It is illegal to, knowingly or unknowingly, peer into the room which is occupied by a person which whom you do not have their consent to be doing so. They have no right to be staring through my Windows.

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