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I didn't want him to think I was weird or something.Well you can rest assured that I got him to tell me every detail and what was the title of this movie, you might ask?But now that I think about it, it is pretty nonsensical.That movie is a classic and deservedly so of an A grade.It was "Lipstick", and I think that movie contains one of the best bondage rape scenes ever put in a movie.

---------- LTL: I also enjoyed "Night Train to Terror." It had more bondage than I had expected, so I felt it was a big bonus.I was breathing hard just hearing him tell me about the scene.I couldn't let on to him just how turned on I was to know that she was tied to the bed AND RAPED.Mornin All Beavis & Butthead - ah yes, "Night Train to Terror" - yeah, some really nice bondage sequences all of which led nowhere - I recall when I first saw that years ago thinking " okay, this production company had several projects in the works none of which could get a release so let's piece them together with this God/Devil thing and maybe get it to the drive-ins.....oh, and we'll add this atrocious music score and dancing by some stoner buds of our gaffer" - even with that I loved the segment one sequences - another effort that I thought ran along the same lines as far as meshing several works into one that had a few good Gimp moments from that same era was "Evil Town" - movie itelf was simply god-awful but a couple of compilation scenes nonetheless.Dangerous Dave - I too was unaware we had never done an official review on "The Abductors" - fine job - must fall in with A Canadian as a charter member of the Gerie Bronson Fan Club - thought her rape scene quite effective - used to have an interview with Laurie Rose that has been lost to the ages - what a perky little pistol she was - very outgoing and affable and she knew exactly what her role was in her flicks - providing cheap thrills for an adoring male audience - and her abduction from her motel is probably my single favorite ever from a mainstream cheapie.

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