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This pre-defined value will cause code execution to be interrupted and for code execution to run an exception handler put the pre-defined position.

At the end of this exception handler control is generally returned to the previously executing code.

The High Vector Address is selected in hardware, and that hardware doesn’t exist, so the vectors reside at the normal addresses.

Upon strobing the reset line execution will start at the reset vector, which can be different to 0. A vector is a value that will be loaded into the processors PC when a given condition occurs. Vector tables come in a few varieties, either each vector is simply a value to be loaded into the PC to start execution at a linker-determined position, or else the vector is code that will be executed straight away without any need to do another PC load.

Each exception type has a vector, and these vectors reside next to each other in memory in what’s termed the vector table. For the ARMv6 architecture the vector table is at memory address 0 and is organised like below, from section A2.6 of the ARM Architecture Reference Manual covering ARMv5 and ARMv6.

We’re going to investigate the BCM2835/6 interrupt process and implement an interrupt for the ARM Timer peripheral to blink the LED.

I appreciate that blinking an LED is probably starting to get boring, but small steps are the way to learn a big system, and learning how to handle interrupts will be enough of a learning curve without having to change what we’re doing at the same time.

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