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I spent from 1967 to 1969 running from FOB1 and FOB2, later to become CCN and CCC. It is my understanding that the DIA has not furnished those files of that period of extensive surveillance of me as a civilian, which would have been illegal.

You have thrown a lot of names around, and I know these warriors, some of them very well. Your investigators have sought those files because I insisted that in my debriefings in July and August 1975 with DIA agents, I had told them specifically about the POW/MIA abandonment issue as being central to my demand to be discharged from the Army.

Any who gave succor to he with this mark were adjudged as guilty also. I had reiterated several times to your investigators that at this "retreat" I had been approached by what I believed was a DIA agent undercover, and so labeled him so to his face numerous times.

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You have thrown a lot of names around, and I know these warriors, some of them very well.

I assure you, John Kedenburg and people like him, would spit in your face for what you've done. And it insults those of us who were for real in the war. Now, I've added your asshole name to my Email Shield list to delete before downloading so I'll never have to hear from you again. I thought you were speaking of ultimately the 1975 discharge. Again, I had been awarded the MOS of infantry operations and intelligence specialist because, of course, I became a long-range reconnaissance volunteer and then became a long-range reconnaissance patrolmen, and that is the military occupational speciality associated with those duties, on the last half of my tour in Vietnam. And what enlisted grade did you reenter the Army at? They sent me a notice saying to come in for an evaluation in March. Toll appeared on the scene during the Senate Select Committee hearings, 1991 - 1993.

Meanwhile, I hope you waste lots of sleep gnashing your rotten teeth worrying about people like me who are for real. I just couldn't wait that long, so I began at that point to travel around and visit old friends. I subsequently never followed up my Veterans Administration claims for disability until 1990. Toll had served as an intelligence sergeant in the detachment that supported the national airborne command post at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia.

Under "Decorations and Awards" it shows, among other things, a CIB but no awards for Valor, Purple Heart.

or Air Medal but it does show an Aircraft Crewman Badge. One of the results of the announcement on your board about my looking for material for my book on CCC was that several people suggested I get in touch with Mr. I reviewed material by and about him on various websites and he failed the sniff test pretty quickly.

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