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This setup will miss out on a few of the more advanced tricks offered by dedicated security devices (more on those below), but it will also save you some cash.To turn your device into a security camera, first choose a location for it.If you're using a phone or tablet, you might need to set up a custom mount for it to ensure the camera covers the right areas.Select a position where the device can plug into a power source and connect to your Wi-Fi network—you don't want to lose the video stream suddenly because an old phone's battery drained or its cell signal dropped.Unlike the two Nest options, the Netgear Arlo works both indoors and out.It's also battery powered, so you won't need to trail any cables to or from the camera (although you will have to keep an eye on battery life).Sunnyside Resort Webcam This cam is sponsored by Sunnyside Restaurant & Lodge one of Lake Tahoe's most popular lakeside locations, and High Sierra Water Ski School.

You can check into the live stream from anywhere on the web, and get alerts whenever motion is detected in front of the lens.We've collected three types of systems you can pick from: free software on an old device, off-the-shelf cameras, or a DIY setup.Here's how to assemble each option as quickly and easily as possible.You'll find the setting under the Calls tab in the Options dialog box.Call your dedicated Skype account from any other computer or phone, and you'll get a window into whatever's happening at home.

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