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Though, all these emotions were sending me in tremendous paranoia, " What?!? Desperation, depression, rivers of questions and internal conflicts, I felt myself for a long time a victim of the social culture and reality we are living.

Terrified of what people could have said or thought about me... Today am not afraid anymore of other's opinion and the stares of ignorant people.

Probably stacked in a limbo, depressed and unhappy.

Then, I hope my stories can help you out somehow, both you young guys and mature men, and maybe even transexual girls as well.

Just to make you understand even better how serious I'm taking it, in 2015, I decided to start reblogging (? Is not a mere remake of my old web sites, which are all about a love relationship with transsexuals women.

If you went to see how my old blogs, you noticed they are pretty different.

I didn't know yet how to face and accept it, on the contrary, I was trying to reject it... I never felt any physical attraction, neither feelings for a man, but when I was seeing transsexual girls...

It was a different feeling, the same strong attraction I feel for women, excitement and curiosity.

) attraction ( or diversity for who want to see it that way ).

I got to know many new people from other countries, discovering different realities that I didn't even know could exist. That has permitted me to liberate myself from many frustrations and to discover that is even possible to live a peaceful relationship with a transsexual woman.

For example, that exist countries in Asia like Thailand and Philippines, where LGBT people are better recognized and respected in the society, and much more else.

Are all about my stories and romances with transsexual girls, dating experience, and transgender community matter.

The purpose of this blog is sharing with you guys my stories and experiences, but what is most dear to my heart, is to help out trans-oriented men like me to do their coming out as trans lover as I did.

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