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britny love geldingslast year 2016 I met this guy he is hot we dated for 8 month my wife found out she was upset because I gave up being gold star never had sex with men iv found that I was by.I like men and women me as a women need c*ck it feels great to hump but my wife did not like this in this year of march she asked me how much I love her over a man I of cores pick her first she said to me that made me rethink thing throw jermey must be castrated by next week for a ceremony with the other ladies as witness to agreement jermey and I left to the club with out saying anything to him where the ladies will pick him up and take him to the ranch that Ashley has she castrates men and boys both sex changes too male to female she has turned a lot of males over in to women hood seeing her work and art off castrations done at her ranch I was fine with jermey get castrated at Ashley's home clinic at jermey castration got stared all the ladies me and my wife bacea watch jermey under go the gelding blades a large clipper that with a single crush will end his sex life as male a man he began a life as eunuch that day and since then it been great me and baeca are still wife and wife and in me and jermey are aloud to have sex now that he is castrated baeca ok with this as long as she get my girl first I don't like being called lesbian but that what I am I hope this dues not change my vote in this poll we like eunuch for the intercores performents in bed unix are much more plesuerful to me his balls are in the jar in the closet so if I want to play catch or hold them in my hands I can sqwees on them and not hart anyone they are white soft and warm after cut out then later they are same but cold out the jar post out for to day ladies got ta go pee boysnattley julea my real namemy mom had my brother done because of aggression and aggressive behavior he's always mad at times dues not lesion to you..was 9 years old when mom put him in bed tied up and neutered him with the elastrator and bands she used a green band pushed his sack balls in and pop t the band free on his sack we three in bed watch TV whyle the balls and sack die off all day long his sack slowly die off in color pink yellowish then blue purple and purple blackish it was dead at that point mom the reach for his sack pulling his balls hard and his sack plus balls came free off his winner..said no he's like me a nice young lady he she will be after few days he showed change in behavior and stared running away from home late one night in are room I was in bed he in his beside mine he started playing with his winner after we me and mom taken his lower area privet parts he was grabbing his Winnie pulling on it rubbing where the bands been put on at I asked if he was fine in his voices he said he's having a little problem getting hard and cant cum at all I asked if I can play with it he was ok with me ill pull stretch it and rub up and down his area where we cut off his sack area he was smoother and soft his winner take about five to nine mints to get hard good and hard at times be for it get hard its like a slinky toy I like playing with the bands stump area he dues not like me picking on him about it but I cant help to giggle laff about he not having it funny because it looks different down their in his panties mom started dressing him in some of my old close and underwear I like to let him put on my short skirts iv got all of them you can think of im ten so its some what big on him but hill grow into them soon I like kicking him between his lags where the nuts was because it gets me hot real fast me and him with out mom at home will play in the shower naked for fun his girlfriend found out and dump him so me and my brother will date each other theirs a boy at school I like but he has another girl instead of me mom said boys that are young need their balls taken out to help them grow up better and in better their sex life for their girlfriend she wants me to castrate the boy I like be for we marry so hill be batter in bed my mom and brother have bed time together mom said its so hill have pracktes in have sex so if he has a wife one day he can be able and willing in bed for her me and my brother do have sex because we like to mom said he cant have kids now and their a baby food jar of his stuff put back so if a girl come along she can get pregnant with my brother and she has a honey jar with his dry'ed up dead balls and sack I barrow them to play with them so im happy to see that theirs other girls like me I was worry about that other girls will think I was messed up or something its ok to play with them mom said but she's the one that cut them off my brother after reading castration comments im happy to see other ladys opening up on this I feel better reading these story I just want to share my point of this subject.dasiy elmasubject because if this other women that can tell me way we do this for its not just balls they are the most calls of their issues they think because they have them they can do ever thing they want after by brother castration he as change a lot I like that he's fixed now we get along better every where we go in the car I get frunt seat in the bedroom he cleans my area up for me and makes my bed he's very nice since his balls and sack came off by the bands iv tried to ask him if it hart any he said the bands was so thiet around his sack that hart real bad but later it stop t then he seen mom pulled them off mom underwear was in his mouth so he wasn't able to ask for pain relifer he said crying help him get throw in the bed tied up and think of thing of the past..ever mom said that his bands will hart just for a mint the stop he said for a whyle it hart then stop...I have sex with my brother his peter has had truble working but after weeks of sex outside or in the bed at night we do sleep in bed together with out mom seeing us we get board some times and will start having sex for the hell of it my brother is always up for it if I want to we ask each other throw out the week on weekends mom get him because of no school two time a day mom gets him and later ill go for it one day I was playing with his c*ck and he cum'ed on me I asked why he did that I thot he pee'ed on me and asked why he what because I thot some thing was wrong with him so I let off his c*ck and rub on it talking sweet to him to make him feel better he said he use to cum white but mom put it to a stop later on the net we look't it up and seen what his should look like and it not esacktly the same at all my brothers looks like the cum is clear sticky slimy and taste sweetish some thing but his cum also look like eggs stuff with out the yellow yoke in the middle.same color and look serup feeling and sticky slimy like mom later found out he had that in him down their and said to me and my brother that boys that are neutered castrated that has their balls cut out off their body's will still cum but no sperm she got the baby food jar and shown use that this is bad stuff and must be lock't up in this jar and mom said this in this order so we both know its ok that he did't pee on me he just cum later mom did find out we been have sex together and agreed we can but she told me don't get him tiered to give him brakes and to not let him come ever day or his c*ck wont work the cum help him get hard and a louse him to feel horny if I over do my brother we will have to put he on female hormones mom docters say he has a long ways to go be for all day sex time between me and mom he's been fine I always have my orgasm first and my brother never had after castration but now he can mom told me its natchle lobe cream.dasiy elma I willingly castrated my little brother at 10 me 16 at the time of the castration he needed to be done we also live in gelding farms surprised thiers other women talking about this on this web site yes all boys at 10 have to have their nuts cut out or they will be in jail for having them in tack't on the male body also if jailed the docter will be ask to castrated the boy jailed this is why i willingly cut off his balls it was painless i stared shareing my panties and pads with him an change are pads out he has to put them on to in stop bleeding of the nut sack area no sex for one moth and two weeks for his safety we had sex after two weeks because i cant at times mom said i can train him make him a castrated sissy bitch if that's what im like he is so different since the castration iv got his balls testies in a small honey jar with liquid to keep them fresh and helthy rubbing my brother smooth lower end of the c*ck gets me wet pee my panties i just love with honer and pried takeing that away from him.stefany I was forced castrated about it been 8 moths now it was my moms choice for me she had some lady at are house that works in tattoo shop she agreed that thiers no ression for me not to be castrated that she do it for free if she get to keep my balls and sack iv been masturbating my mom seen me too many times and said the next will be my last she said I was allergic to sperm that's why I cant stop she said I was sick like having a up set belly and need fixing it was about may 22 the lady name Ashley kimber castration servis for boys she said to my mom she can leave the house come back in a hour hill be all girl the women gave me her best sleep pill in sweet tea she lay me on the floor with pillows I waken on Ashley said its time to gelded me she got me nailed to the floor and roped down she gab my sack sliced it down the middle between my balls pulling them out of me she had a tool think im not sure of the name for it yet but she placed both my balls in it and sqweed hard on my tubes separating removed them off my body she then grab my penis lifted it out her hand work way and tie it with tape to my belly she grabs both sides of my nut sack emptied between her middle and pointing finger and sows me back up she feed me pain killers bule red pill to put my c*ck to sleep I had ask her so many time pleas don't cut off my balls she just said it for my own good she placed a worm cloth on my empty sack and lay beside me milking me off all day slowly in till mom came home....after 7 moths iv excepted it.i need to be castrated for my dream of being a female. George - melissa George or if you prefer melissa, you say you want to live as a woman have you had sex with a man? if youre sincere then by all means be castrated and live your dream melissa. I want to feel the clamp shut and hear the chord crush, feel it when she pulls the testicle through the band and she releases the band, then tugs on the testicle to make sure the band is contracting and doing it's job, or feeling the needle go in the testicle and the mixture of chemicals slowly injected in the testicle and the small ache as they destruct. He writes me a prescription for antibiotics, pain meds and testosterone patches. All I have to do is make an appointment with a local clinic.i realise once its done there is no recourse to back track. We had talked about it for a long time and that I didn't want to be sterile. This should be available to any man who wants to be castrated.There is not a day goes by he doesn't pay for that mistake. No surgery so no risk this way and it is done in like 10 minutes. I am excitedly awaiting the day when I look down & see smooth skin only as my pelvicbone buff is my bulge that all girls got & I want. Gender equality a reality, & males must be given a girls point of view to understand how a woman thinks & feels. Comhi all i would love to be tied tight to a big wooded table penis tied down and the room fills up with females who has drank a lot and all have razor blades to cut with mm by mm any ladies out there?I feel its just punishment, and it should be allowed in the US. Also, since there is no surgery involved, it is legal to do. Iwant to put panties on & sit to pee to know how it feels to be a womans eaqual! to your question the answere is yes i have been intimate with a man. On my 37th birthday i am going to do this, i'm 35 now, so ladies hmu if you want to castrate me & cut off my penis! [email protected] xxxxxxxchad1963I wish that a woman would tie me down, cut off my foreskin, split my penis gland in half before cutting the shaft off completely. I know it seems like the comments of a wakko but I have been heavily into bdsm and am very much a sub, and cannot express the pleasure I get from extreme genital modifications, if my c*ck would grow back (I wish) I would be constantly having it sliced up Grendal I am white male.Don’t forget to check out the whole movie by the link above.These black naked girls are horny and love to lick their lil teen pussies. You will find more black girls caught on video doing naughty things and fucking with their boyfriends, trying lesbian and threesome fuck with best friends.

I'd like to learn some details from real life so I can make a better choice.

[email protected] I'm a 60 year old man. I'm not particular on whether it is performed by a man or a woman. I'd like to hear from ladies that want to castrate men and if anyone is genuine about please do mail me. I'm wanting to be castrated so bad, ever sence I was a boy.

I want it done just like if I went to the clinic to get circumcised or to get a vasectomy. I am thinking of going to Thailand to be done of if anyone knows of anyone doing it in the UK please let me know.. I really want my balls and dick removed by a beautiful woman, and she hand my balls to me in a jar as she laughs at me. [email protected] would even pay you anomenisly, and you would never be in trouble. please steep up for me woman and turn me into the woman I always wanted to be. you can even kick them as had as you can be fore you cut them off.

[email protected] yahoo.complease will someone castrate me I live in tasmania Australia iwilldo it myself if someone will comand me to via email [email protected] will posst them to you as proof afterjohnnyat [email protected] a man who would love to live my life as a female. that just reinforced my desire for castration, wether the surgeon is a woman or man doesnt really matter to me. Cut back on general violence and to want to serve women from all the years with no testicles. I would love to give permission to a woman to band, clamp or inject alcohol in one testicle.

i crossdress on weekends and vacation time and pass at times as a woman. what matters is to be a female, and have a life with a man. George - melissa This is a bit much but as boys when being circumsized to also be castrated. Some males at birth would need to keep one testicle for procreation but after the birth of the child~What a gift to give your wife (Your remaining testicle under glass)Red Dog After we were married, my wife said she did not wnat to bring childre into this world as it is. I would lay back, let her tightly restrain me for her pleasure.

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