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Some of the exhibits are copies; some are smaller, scaled-down, copies.Much of the handbook's vocabulary is European: BC and AD, 'feudal system', aristocrats, Emperor, Duke, and so on.Shaanxi, if I'm interpreting correctly, is in the west of China, near Ya'nan, which 'became the center of the Chinese Communist revolution from late 1935 to early 1947'.

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Jonathan Clements gives the dates as 221-202 BC, which sounds absurdly precise.

Communist Party dogma probably insists that the past was horrific; in this case they may have had a motive for promoting a short-lived so-called unification.

Incidentally, much of the source material is in the work of Sima Qian Shiji, Records of the Grand Historian.

Yin Zheng seems to have been interested in his own bodily survival; we're told mercury, the metal, was suggested to him, which may have been less elixir, more cause of death and perhaps madness.

An idea I don't recall hearing before is that some of the ancients saw no reason why bodies should decay, not of course having much idea about micro-organisms.

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