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At this point she basically views you as a brother. (gross) And on top of it all, it’s a manipulative place to be. At this point you’re tricking her into spending time with you. Most girls over the course of your dating experience will reject you or you will reject them.

You’re lying to her by taking the back door into a relationship, hoping that one day she will see you as a lover.

Remember when I said that a woman wants to be with a MAN?

And do you remember when I outlined above how to do that? It’s time to show her your masculinity and start building sexual tension.

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Watch what happens when she knows you’ve been spending time with other women.

Furthermore, you can introduce her to some of the new girls you’ve met over the course of the 3 months you’ve moved on and create a jealousy plot line.

This is going to show her that you are liked by other girls and gets her thinking about you on a non-sexual level.

: Staying friends still might be difficult for you because in the back of your head you may think you still have a chance.

If these feelings still stick around and you can’t truly be friends with her then I would move on and find new, real friends.

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