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opened its doors in November 2003 and single handedly revolutionised Austria’s sex scene back then… At that time I was still in friggin’ Norway freezing my ass, balls and limbs off day in and day out 🙂 This means Goldentime will celebrate their 10 year anniversary in 2013. Goldentime is located at Karl-Gunsam-Gasse 1 1110 Wien and opens at 11am until 4 am in the morning.

If you plan to come late, make sure you arrive before 3am in the morning as you won’t be permitted to come in after 3.

I remember my first time ever in an FKK Sauna and it is a very special feeling usually.

Most people, including yours truly, at first are not used to the number of nude beauties that you meet in the few seconds that it takes to move from the lockers over to the bar.

Goldentime and Fun-Palast may ring a bell as they do a lot of good (and sometimes not so good) marketing to attract clients and girls from all over the world.

Since in my opinion Goldentime is by far the best place in town, let me start with…

This brilliant idea and the very first FKK Sauna Clubs, I believe, originated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the concept went by the name “TERMAS”.

In the locker area there are 2 toilets and shower space for about 6-7 people at the same time. Well, by now you should be all set to step in the guest room of Goldentime!They will charge you a fee of 80€ to get in and during the day will offer up to 80 girls for your pleasure.If you come in a group, make sure to buy a 6 pack of entry cards as that will grant you a discount of 80€ which equals 1 free entry.A Saunaclub is a place where you usually pay an entry fee which allows you to get in (dressed only with bathrobe or towel around the waist), stay in the club all day and night until they close and make use of all amenities of the venue.Those amenities usually are: Guests in a Saunaclub usually are called Ice bears (Eisbären in German) – a term that I believe originated in one of the many FKK forums in Germany.

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