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Now you walk into the grocery store and grab ramen noodles and coke because you don’t know what else university students eat. The first thing you need to know is that all the best food is on the perimeter of the store.

There are so many aisles, so many options, and so little money!

Expiry dates are the last date you can eat a product.

In fact, I recommend not buying meat at all unless you know for sure you’ll be cooking it within the week (or you can throw it in the freezer).This includes all your fruits, veggies, bread, dairy, meat, etc.These are all the things you should be eating on a regular basis.Be aware of all the student discounts that are offered around campus (Metro: Tues, Wed, Thurs 10% off). You’ll walk into that grocery store with confidence and grace. Don’t worry, friend, you’ll get used to shopping on your own eventually.There’s also a grocery option down the street (Freshco. Try to buy things that are on sale whenever you can or buy the cheaper version (but, be careful with this because store brand cans of soup are… What are your favourite go-to snacks or meal ideas?

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