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\n Hello I have a Zvex Fuzz Factory and I want to set with it a sound like Frusciante's sound, in Dani California's solo and Parallel Universe's do I need to set it to get to a sound near it?

We like to experiment with using different sounds and looking at multiple possibilities for each instrument.

How does it feel taking on the role of frontman and handling the lead vocal duties? I remember the first time I took a crack at vocals for our band.

With the other bands that we play and write with we’re part of a bigger group that’s already established, so naturally there is a much different approach to the material and live shows.

Jeff and I can come up with a lot of different ideas in those groups, but at the end of the day, it’s up to the leaders of those bands to decide what works and what doesn’t. Describe the role of your bass in the music of The Beta Machine.

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