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If you need a pre- or post-movie cocktail, visit the theatre’s lounge and garden.Randy Blaser’s recent column (“When a town racks up charges, it’s the taxpayers on the hook,” July 12) continues to irresponsibly perpetuate a false impression that spending in the village of Glenview is excessive and wasteful. Since things change so quickly in the market, could you help us out by revisiting the subject? But what I didn’t realize is, there’s a whole other agenda to this darling movie. The last time I visited with former Pioneer Press editor and columnist Paul Sassone, he introduced me to a hospital orderly as his friend. Just before my daughter’s wedding, an indulgent trip to the nail salon recently gifted me another great story of the selfless neighbors who live among us.Since opening, Thalia Hall has hosted hundreds of bands and comedians, including the likes of Lake Street Dive and Dave Chappelle.Just below is the Tack Room -- a saloon-style piano bar that serves strong cocktails.A 6-year-old boy who was struck by a boat on the Fox River is awake and recovering, police said Tuesday.The collision happened while the Cary boy, whose name been not released, was swimming in shallow water at Picnic Grove Park near Fox River Grove on Sunday afternoon. Paul Sassone, a longtime Pioneer Press reporter, editor and columnist, died Monday morning after battling an illness. Former colleagues remembered Sassone as a dedicated community reporter, with a sense of humor that could light up a newsroom. The following items were taken from Barrington, South Barrington and Barrington Hills police reports and press releases. BARRINGTON Drugs Monique Gonzalez, 20, of the 1100 block of Blackhawk Drive in Elgin, was charged July 5 with unlawful possession...Like many in attendance July 6, Gross, of Algonquin, said she was eager to attend Uncork Barrington to try and deepen... The exhibit, called “Coast To Coast: The photography of Ron Johnson,” will be on display through August at the library, 505 N. On June 10, I enjoyed the opportunity to present a program at Barrington's White House titled "Barrington, Illinois: The Horses Never Left.” The program covered the equine and equestrian story of the Barrington area, including Mrs.

It makes for the perfect intellectually and culturally stimulating date. Phone: 773-384-2547Dating back to the 1930s, the California Clipper captures all the elements of a classic cocktail bar: well-crafted drinks, low-glowing lights, live music, and cozy booths that will swallow you and your date up for the evening. Phone:312-746-5100A lack of abundant nature is one downside to living in a big city.

Phone: 312-280-2660The Museum of Contemporary Art is the perfect destination for art lovers wanting to soak up some culture without weighty history lessons.

Garfield Park Conservatory is free and open 365 days a year. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60622 Hours: Sunday - Friday, 6 p.m. The Violet Hour’s cocktail menu bridges that gap between classic and contemporary. South Lincoln Park also offers some fantastic views of the skyline that have made for many romantic moments. Allport St., Chicago, IL 60608 Hours: Vary Phone: 312-526-3851Thalia Hall is the centerpiece of Pilsen’s 18th Street.

I was recently contacted by New York City-based Blue Fountain Media, a digital marketing agency that last month conducted a random online survey of 1,017 men and women across the U. between the ages of 18-45, asking them: “How much do you value internet privacy? The main scoreboard at the Barrington High School football stadium is being replaced with a larger, higher quality one thanks to donations from area businesses.

When the new football season opens later this fall, residents in Barrington should be able to view a main scoreboard that is three times...

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