Fun dating ideas in utah

Rogers Neighborhood, or Saturday Morning cartoons on TV 268.

Cut dolls or snowflakes out of paper, or try origami 272. Arm wrestle, thumb wrestle, Indian leg wrestle 274.

Make cookies and deliver them to a widow or a friend having a birthday 148.

Prepare holiday treats and take them to the hospital or care center 147. Wash a car, tune the engine, clean the inside and outside of a car.

Gather a load of firewood for you parents or neighbor 164.

Rake leaves or shovel snow for someone in need 161. Baby-sit a relative’s children (Good test for both of you) 163. Make holiday decorations and deliver them to a hospital or rest home 167.

Build snow sculptures at the dorms or institute 34.

Drive out to the desert and spell words with rocks 41.

Learn magic tricks and put on a show for the neighborhood kids 181. Bake notes into cookies and send them to people 183. Visit the Brigham Young home and Jacob Hamblin Home in St. Give everyone a church magazine and have them share an article from it 136. Make posters to advertise an activity at a church or school 213. Visit your date’s Grandparents and take along a tape and ask them to tell you about dating in the good ol’ days 216.

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