Funny email subject lines for online dating

“Please put us out of our misery.” That award-winning email subject line, written for a UK financial management company called Money Dashboard, ran as part of an A/B test against a previously high-performing email.

It was a Hail Mary attempt at getting a group of inactive email subscribers reengaged.

If convincing someone they can use their lazy tendencies to achieve success won’t get them to open an email, we’re not sure what will.

Scarcity in marketing capitalizes on our fear of missing out on something — a fun event, a valuable resource, and in most cases, a good deal.

If it seems like it’s been used a lot, that’s because it has, and for a reason: it works. If you’re telling us you wouldn’t open it to find out where to find the cheapest airfare to fly to the places you’ve always wanted to visit, we don’t believe you.

There’s something else about that first Salesforce email that makes it almost irresistible to open.

We don’t want to accrue wealth over time by correctly saving and investing. So instead we do things like spend our life savings on lottery tickets in the hopes of winning big.

It’s for this reason that when we see words and phrases like “in 15 minutes” in the Salesforce email above, and “secrets” shown in the AWAI email below, we’re compelled to read more.

What follows is some advice from the headline maestros, combined with tips from some of the most knowledgeable authorities in email marketing, to convince the other 80% of your subscribers to click through.

We dove into some reports, case studies, and inboxes to find out — to help you figure out how to get your subscribers to open yours during your next email campaign.

A good email subject line is like a good landing page headline — without one, your audience isn’t going to read the rest of your content.

So how do you convince the other 4 out of 5 to read your email? Some say you shouldn’t start your email subject line with “How to.” Others disagree, adding that funny, mysterious, and one-word lines get opens.

While we found a variety of advice on getting your marketing messages read, there were several that appeared over and over again on industry blogs.

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