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The trick is to apply the proper degree of professional skepticism in interpreting the results.A lack of diligence in employing reasonable and necessary techniques like the ones described below can easily lead to an audit failure.By recognizing these often simple schemes CPAs can usually detect material financial statement frauds early, before they become catastrophic.

How revenue is actually defined is a highly complex issue, but fraud is not so complicated.In early premature revenue recognition schemes, goods are often billed before they are shipped, so quantities of goods shipped will not reconcile to goods billed. Select a sample of sales transactions from the sales journal, obtain the supporting documents and Inspect the sales order for approved credit terms.Compare the details among sales orders, shipping documents and sales invoices for inconsistencies.But it is all too common for companies to (1) ignore percentage-of-completion contracts by taking the cash payments into income, (2) fail to record offsetting accruals for services paid for in advance, and (3) record refundable deposits as income.Frequently, consignment merchandise is counted as being sold.

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