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Sony Pictures' holdings included those by Merv Griffin Enterprises and Barris Industries, Inc.SPE was in competition with The Family Channel in launching a game show-oriented channel when The Family Channel announced the launch of its own service called Game Channel.

Liberty Media acquired a 50% stake in the network and changed its leadership.While the logo changed, its programming remained unchanged, the network also debuted new promos and new idents on that day, which were designed by graphics agency Lee Hunt Associates.On October 11, 1997, the network's rights to the Goodson-Todman library expired, with the exceptions of The Price Is Right and the 1994–95 season of Family Feud (the only season in the second Richard Dawson era), which were both allowed to continue airing on the channel on a separate contract. With the other Goodson-Todman shows gone, lesser-known Sony properties such as Juvenile Jury, The Diamond Head Game, the 1976–77 version of Break the Bank, and the Bill Cullen-hosted games Chain Reaction and Pass the Buck all found their way onto the schedule. , and Wheel 2000 – the respective adaptations of The Joker's Wild, Jeopardy! On April 18, 1998, Game Show Network bought back the rights to the Goodson-Todman library.Although the show – a repackaging of somewhat dated British video game review shows (mostly – was short-lived, it was a sign of the network's change of format from Game Show Network's "all game shows, all the time" to what eventually became "GSN: The Network for Games".Its last program using Game Show Network was Lingo.

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