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But they don't tell the story of Athens.: The best thing about the financial crisis in Europe and the political crisis in Greece is that there are so many knowledgeable writers out there who know what is going on that I don't even have to pretend I am an expert.

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Maybe I am just getting used to it after twenty or thirty years."The World Moves in Mysterious Ways...": I walked back to get my car, still parked in front of Leonard Cohen's house.

I just stumbled upon it again in the labyrinth of my website and re-read it and decided it needs a larger audience.: As my Gambian neighbor was leaving my apartment with his water and the peach Andrea had bought for our breakfast, he turned around and said "God Bless You." And no matter what you believe, God has blessed me and probably you too because any of us could have been born Gambians or Nigerians or Bangladeshi and be in this situation, in a far away land, with no money, no food, and forced to ask for water from your neighbors, with no way of returning home and no prospects for a better life. Maybe in a few years we will be in this situation.: This is Greek medical week.

Not officially of course, otherwise it would have been capitalized and probably such a week does not exist. It began with my brother having to get an emergency hernia operation from the moment he stepped off the ferry in Mytilini.

There on the steps, smoking a cigarette was Leonard Cohen.

I approached him cautiously, not wishing to startle him and send him scurrying back to the safety of his home.

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