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My Burny knowledge comes from old catalogues, from my own guitars (today I have 10 Burnys and I have owned ca.25 different Burnys), from discussions with two Japanese dealers and from watching the forums etc. I must point out, that all observations are my own, and I can’t guarantee anything.My FLG from 1980 have the thinnest body I have ever seen on a Les Paul only 47.17 mm or 1.85 inch at the end of the body.I maybe wrong, even original 58-60 Les Pauls had body end thickness varying from 46,6 mm to 48,8 mm, but every other Burny I have seen has a thickness from 48,3 to 48,9 mm, and that is also the normal thickness for the original Gibsons.

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In my opinion, this is the first really good Burny Les Paul.(source : Gibson Sunburst Les Pauls From ´58 to ´60 by Yasuhiko Iwanade, Rittot music 1996) The third guitar from the 80-81 period is the FLG 90.It has solid one piece back but a flamed veneer top and Fernandes L8001 vintage pickups.I have owned original 62 Stratocasters and an original 1959 sunburst Les Paul flametop.I sold that to a band mate in 1968 for what today is equal to 500$, because he was a better lead player than I was!! I have just sold my 1966 Gibson ES 345 and my original 1958 les Paul junior.

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