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(Salads are seasonal due to availability of fresh produce) Hot Chat Potatoes with Sour Cream..

Baked Vegetables ( including roast potato and pumpkin, peas, carrots and cauliflower) Hot Vegetable Bake.

You can enjoy excursions, lectures, thematic conferences and student oriented lectures.

For souvenirs and so much more, take a trip through the Athena shopping mall.

For Greek culture and history, stop in the Filiki Etheria, or Society of Friends, a branch of the Regional History Museum.

The Society of Friends was a secret 19th-century organization whose purpose was to overthrow the Ottoman rule of Greece and establish an independent Greek state.

At four stories tall, it’s one of the highest buildings in the historical part of the city with a variety of stores and a fabulous food court.

While we have menu suggestions to suit almost any occasion, we are more than happy to discuss any variations to suit your needs.

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A soundtrack of giggling plays in the background and a giant game of Twister dominates the main room, which also features a 'hot chat' phone line and the opportunity to write a message to your loved one and pin it on the wall."We want to explore different kinds of love," explains Southbank artistic director Jude Kelly."The internet, though, seems to be dominated by love of cats and kittens.Located in the very heart of Odessa, Greek Square is decorated with granite tile, flower beds, and flowing fountains.Sprawling buildings surround the largest square in the city and they are certainly worth checking out during your visit to Odessa girls.

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