Hacked cams

While the general public has become aware of this creepy hobby only recently, it has actually been a “hobby” of hackers for years.

In 2014 a voyeuristic website popped up in the news.

“The problem is that most people are just not sensitised to the issue.”Whilst Baylon says that in many of the cases the hackers may be bored teenagers, she warns that cyber espionage is a growing field and is becoming an increasingly powerful weapon for gathering intelligence and stealing data.

“In the world of cyber espionage governments have the technology to monitor and see anything that you might be doing online,” she said.

It streamed video from thousands of webcams located in 250 world countries.

As it turned out, users all across the globe made the same simple mistake, which let the hackers in.

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“After seeing that something is wrong, many people turned on antiviruses or disconnected from the Internet.The hacker has several tricks, which he uses to entertain viewers during the stream.The 2ch case is quite different from other incidents listed above: this time the hacker received almost full control over victims devices, not only their webcams. His favorite trick is to open a homosexual porn page when the unsuspecting user is near the computer, or show the victim’s page to the trolls."All these cameras were viewed by a lot of users and (the) camera's owners have no chance to know about it for many years," they said."Only mass media can help users to understand the importance to set a password." The footage has been obtained from cameras using default passwords or without any passwords at all, allowing hackers to use software and search tools to scan the internet for feeds that can be accessed using the camera's' default setting.

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