Historical analysis of college campus interracial dating Gail force and friends xxx

We use the inclusive term intercultural because both interracial and interethnic relationships are examined in the present study.

The rise in intercultural marriage is seen as a barometer of the strength of racial/ethnic boundaries and social distance [1,2].

Results confirm that White students continue to be the group most likely to engage in intragroup dating relationships, Latino/a students were the most likely to date interculturally, and that Black men were significantly more likely to date interculturally than Black women.

One of the department’s primary goals is to deepen students’ ability to do research.

The Berea College Department of Sociology supports the initiative of the American Sociological Association to infuse undergraduate research training into the sociology curriculum.

Finally, at the level of society, as the fraction of intercultural marriages increase, the salience of racial/ethnic boundaries decreases.

The positive association between education and intercultural marriage is a hotly debated issue.

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