How to handle online dating brendon urie spencer smith dating

A person who claims to be a 16-year-old football star in a neighboring town, may actually be an adult looking to prey on an unsuspecting teenager.

There’s also the option of just not engaging at all. If you think someone is being inappropriate, report them.

Just ask the woman who unfortunately experienced a totally obnoxious man who swiped right just to call her fat. It was once thought that men were way more likely to troll online than women. A recent study from Lifehacker asked 357 Tinder users to fill out a questionnaire about their online dating behavior and asked “if they had trolled people on the app, sent any shock comments for a laugh, or if they enjoyed ‘griefing’ other people who access the app.” Their research found that women troll online dating sites just as often as men. Sadly, as long as the internet is around there’s going to be trolls.

We might as well learn to handle them with grace, right? Remember back in the day when your parents told you that the reason playground bullies act the way they do is because they feel bad about themselves? Trolls are basically playground bullies with laptops, smartphones and online dating accounts.

A shy teen, for example, may boldly approach new people in an online chat room.

Or, a teen with low self-esteem may find self-assurance when she’s sitting behind a screen.

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