How to survive dating a law student

Professors want students to think outside of the box.

The best way to think outside of the box is to share what’s in your box with your friends. If you don’t know what a gunner is think about Hermione Granger.

Do not pass GO, do not collect 0, just accept the fact that for possibly the first time in your life your natural wit and charm will not suffice. You probably had a good undergrad GPA and did well on the LSAT. If your law school did a good job then you will have a diverse 1L class.

If you have a hypothetical question involving aliens, flying monkeys, or the apocalypse, don’t ask it.It includes books, audiotapes and CDs, videotapes and DVDs, podcasts, blogs, and Internet resources.Additional books and study aids can be found in the library's online catalog.You will soon learn very few things in law school are brief and to-the-point. In law school, you will literally have to learn an entire new vocabulary. Second, if you go into a finals with only your perspective on an issue you’re destined to fail.The answer to every question in law school is “it depends.” That being said, this advice is only reflective of my first year experience at one particular school. As a general rule, a lot of this is common sense, and thus most people in law school will overthink things or pay too much attention to detail to realize the obvious things right in front of their face. Unless you can tell me the elements of false imprisonment, the Pinkerton rule, the difference between MI, MII, and manslaughter (which I totally forgot), what a 12(b)(6) motion means, The RAP, or the difference between Fifth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment Due Process, then just keep your mouth shut, listen, and absorb everything you can. Yes, there might be certain days when you know you won’t get cold called. It will help when finals come around, AND more importantly when you become a lawyer and are actually expected to know things. If you found your way into law school you’re probably pretty darn smart. Professors want to see analysis and different ways of thinking.

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