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Here are some reasons dating during divorce may not be right for you: You Are Not Healed Yet: You may think that you're ready to date, but you might not be healed yet emotionally.

It is beneficial to work through any unsettled issues before taking on a new love interest.

And still others think they won't date until the divorce is finalized, but they change their mind when they meet someone new.

You just never know when fate will intervene and a new special person will come along.

Here are some reasons that dating divorce may be the right choice for you: You Feel More Positive: Dating will keep your mind off of the negative aspects of divorce. You Can Relax More: You have probably been under a lot of pressure.

Dating someone new gives you the opportunity to relax more.

Some people have no issues dating before the divorce is final.

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You’ll go through different emotional stages and changes as you rediscover yourself.

Returning to the single life is a major adjustment.

However, it also offers an exciting second chance at love.

You're Able To Open Up: When you're dating, you're much more open and social.

You Make New Contacts: The person you're dating is sure to have friends and it will create a whole new network of people for you.

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