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The Information Services Unit is responsible for a variety of tasks but most importantly, they maintain all the criminal records for the department.

They are also the primary point of contact for most citizens, as they need access to records such as traffic crash reports and insurance reports.

The Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) allows a search of public records contained in the Michigan Criminal History Record Section.

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Records checks are sent to the Sheriff Department for several reasons; the most frequent are for employment or housing.

When we receive a request by mail we will try to reply to the request within five business days.

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Today’s Theme (according to Bill): Nut in Nuts Themed answers include letters circled in the grid that spell out different types of NUT.The Records Division serves the public in the area of: All documents are stored in electronic form on cd-roms as the major platform.This is a shared database between the Kent County Sheriff's Department, Grand Rapids Police Department and the Kentwood Police Department.Gila monsters move along at a snail’s pace so aren’t normally a danger to humans. The name “Gila” is a reference to the Gila River Basin in the American Southwest, where the Gila monster was prevalent.

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