Internet dating russian girl seems pushy

So we ended the trip by kissing each other repeatedly, I smile and ask if I can call her "my girlfriend", she smiles and laughs sweetly.

She says, "That's a new word for me" and kisses me several times.

However, we do not have sex, I do not make a move and although she sleeps in her lingerie and takes her bra off for comfort reasons, she sleeps face down and wraps a towel around her whenever she goes out of bed so she doesn't show me anything.

The rest of the trip goes like this, we have a great time together, kissing on the lips (no tongue, I tried once but she didn't play along) sleeping in each others underwear with each other (we hold each other but in order to sleep we just go on our sides of the bed.

She finds me on Skype and starts messaging me, and we start sending each other a few photos.

Things went really well, we have a lot in common, we can talk for hours, and things like that.

I have been corresponding with a lovely Ukrainian lady for a year and a half, and made visits to her in Kiev, several times over the course of 2011. Initial meetings We meet on Elenas Models in late 2010/early 2011, and she quickly moves the conversation to her personal email.

I tried to hold her around her stomach area but she asked me not to do that since her stomach was sensitive).

But we still walk around Oslo holding hands, we look at each other warmly a lot, and the overall vibe is good.

At the end of this trip, we are kissing each other on the lips, and holding hands.

Traveling together We talk about the next meeting, and she suggests that since she has a multiple entry visa for Western Europe, we take a trip together.

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