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I travel over there, and I meet her and her friend, but her friend is nice enough to leave us alone for most of the trip.

We look into each others eyes a lot (we always do this from here on out), we kiss on the edge of the mouth a few times, not just when saying goodbye but also as a spur of the moment things.

Since this would be the first time we are sleeping together in the same bed, I go into this with the hope about "getting lucky", but I decide I'm not going to try anything as I do not want to look too aggressive about sex, and I want her to feel comfortable around me.

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So another date in summer 2011 I met her, and met her again in late 2011.

She then teaches me the Russian word for girlfriend.

We look back at each other when we part ways on separate planes, and I think the trip ends on a good note, part of me wonders if it's a bad sign about the fact that we have not been intimate yet.

I met her again in late 2011 in Kiev, and we had a good time again, we did a lot of fun things together and she introduced me to her friends at the end of the trip.

Again, when we kissed goodnight, it was on the cheek but on the last night, it was on the edge of the mouth.

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