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And, quite seriously, from blending together other things like rhubarb-strawberry pies to manufacturing hybrid cars.Should I no longer watch basketball, baseball and football because interracial teams compete together? Don't forget that Leviticus extends "mixing together" to the condemnation of wearing a shirt with two different fabrics.Unless one person is much older, richer or better looking than the other, there is no hidden meaning. But when the people are different races, the subtext is, “it’s so fascinating that you are together.” People want to know because it seems improbable. Sure, this cloud of questions could be entirely exploratory and innocuous, but it underscores the point that people believe mixed race to be an anomaly rather than a norm. Once someone has jungle fever, they’re never going back.The deep assumptions of racial difference add a layer of unspoken complex questions: Do your parents approve? Mixed relationships are sexualized, where everything mundane and normal is forgotten in the wake of the erotic. Of course, race mixing is an abomination (at least in public) to the usual suspects: nostalgic Dixiecrats, Internet trolls and extras from “Deliverance.” It’s a long, grossly unyielding battle.Updated June 27, 2013, AM Interracial relationships are scandalous because people still believe them to be rare, even when we are all surrounded by them.These entirely normal couplings forever face a presumption of illegitimacy or sexualization that harks back to an era where miscegenation was illegal.

Standing on the side-lines, the rest of us believe it's all wrong-headed. Yet there's great value in delving into the archaeology of these prejudices. Here's a link to the description of its history in the US.Introductions made, commonalities identified, drinks refilled. It’s just a matter of time before the inevitable question: “How did you two meet? Surely, there must be adversity in the tale of an interracial couple.It’s quite different from asking a married white couple about their meet cute.This makes it impossible for them to work together, and as a result they disperse, spreading out across the earth.I doubt if Chomsky would agree with this description of how various languages arose in human history, but we'll ignore that matter for now.

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