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Once upon a time, men could trust their penises to tell them everything they needed to know about their sexual tastes or orientation.Even recently, behavioral neuroscientist Paul Vasey confidently opined that, Could this be why viewers who would never harm others are viewing violent porn?

Surfing the net, especially for porn, incorporates all the activities that spike dopamine and keep the reward circuit buzzing: seeking and searching, sexy material, anticipation as each page loads, novelty on demand, and surprising and shocking visuals.

Thanks to evolution, fertilization is the brain's top priority, so—even if a porn user would prefer to forget what he just saw—his brain carefully wires up all associations that led to his orgasm.

It wants him to be able to "fertilize" this target again in the future.

These self-reports are taken from porn recovery forums.

YBOP excerpts them pretty much as they are, and their authors' views/languaging do not necessarily reflect those of this website.

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