Is anthony kiedis dating anyone

Hit the Plus One button → 1 year ago (January 31, 2017, 11pm) Anthony Kiedis puts his muscular body on display while changing out of his wetsuit after a surf session on Saturday (January 28) in Malibu, Calif.

Obviously, I’m not embarrassed to like the group — how could I be if I curate news about them every day — but it’s not something that has ever come up in a professional setting before, and I don’t know how potential employers might respond.

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Who would have thought that nerdy Fez would be an even bigger stud than hunky Kelso?

On the one hand, I feel like I’m already working against the “entitled young person” label, and drawing attention to the fact that I have a slight obsession with a boy band from the 90s might reinforce the “young and inexperienced” stereotype. First, as you point out, it gives you quantifiable achievements, and that’s great.

On the other, I’m adding quantifiable achievements to my resume if I can announce that I’ve increased unique page views by 15% in a 2-month period or I’ve successfully run an internet event celebrating an anniversary for the group that resulted in a 50% increase in video views, 12% increase in Facebook followers and 300% increase in interaction. Achievements are achievements, and no amount of soulful crooning or heavily choreographed dance moves can take away from that.

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