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Nathan Deal to reject a bill that discriminates against the LGBT community.“ he added.Until Tyler Perry voices out his sexual orientation, it is not yet clear if he is gay or not, so for now, we just have to keep our fingers crossed till he decides to come out of the closet and make his sexual preference he is a very successful man in his forties and is still single with no children.The play was first staged at the House of Blues in Atlanta, Georgia, in the summer of 1998 and sold out eight times in a row.Two weeks later, the play was moved to the Fox Theater in the same city where it continued to sell out—this time selling out a much larger arena since the Fox featured around 4,000 seats.His mother was a church-goer who usually took Perry along with her once a week and his father was a carpenter who abused Perry leading to his suffering from depression as a teenager.According to Tyler, he had to endure years of abuse by his father whose answer to everything was to ‘beat it out of you.’ He even attempted suicide at some point in an effort to escape his difficult situation.Perry and Bekele generally keep their son out of the public eye.

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In 1998, he got a second chance to stage his play again and this time, the play was sold-out and drew attention from investors.

But after the release of the video, he was allegedly attacked by a group of men and received 120 stitches after suffering damage to his face.

In 2016, Tyler Perry added his voice to Hollywood’s chorus urging Georgia Gov.

Some time ago, a man named Walter Lee Hampton II posted a video on You Tube claiming Perry was once “a gay black man” who has since abandoned the gay community.

He also claims Tyler Perry stole the idea for Madea from a drag queen show.

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