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She suddenly discovers that her fiance of 10 years is having an affair with his assistant.She makes the very wise decision to leave him and move on with her life.

will be published in November by Polis Book, a digital start-up publisher that launched earlier this summer. Shupak’s debut novel, which she describes as “fun, girly fiction” will be familiar to anyone who has followed Ms. The book follows a New York City traffic reporter named Guiliana Layne as she navigates being single for the first time in her adult life after her engagement to her college sweetheart is derailed. Shupak, is very her.“Anyone who knows me knows I’ve never been in trouble a day in my life,” she said. Shupak have any misgivings about writing about her broken engagement? “When I first started at NY1, I had a ring on my finger and then I didn’t.” Plus, she already covered it in her dating column. Stelter think about his girlfriend’s roman à clef Although Ms. Stelter, she described him as “really excited” about the book and said she let him choose his character’s name.

Featured on Mashable and in New York Magazine's Grub Street, Shupak showcases her culinary talents, tailored to her meat- and dairy-free diet. Then again, she’s a twenty-two-pound French bulldog and I’m the girl who tore off her shirt in the middle of a spontaneous “ Blurred Lines” karaoke session at Tortilla Flats. I feel like such a failure, and I’m still not even sure how all of this happened. I met the man of my dreams in college, then we moved to New York and got great jobs.

She currently resides in Manhattan with her fiancé, New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter. Her desperate whimpers for help from that cold, sterile cage are still ringing in my ears. I wish everything could go back to the way it was just a week ago. I adopted Zelda for us for his twenty-fifth birthday, and with her, we became a family.

But first, a drunken night out that leads to a karaoke hot mess of Blurred Lines at Tortilla Flats that is splashed on the gossip blogs.4 to 4.5 stars I really liked this book. While the plot isn't crazy original, it's still a great one.

But first, a drunken night out that leads to a karaoke hot mess of Blurred Lines at Tortilla Flats that is splashed on the gossip blogs.

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