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“The moms don’t actually set up their kids,” Weisberg said.“But when both moms feel they have found a match, they press a button on the site with their contact information and profile information. The Romans took full advantage of the difficulties of the Hellenistic states, played on the fear of social revolution among the wealthy Greeks, and exploited rivalries and native rebellions, with the result that they defeated and ultimately absorbed all the Hellenistic states. Almost everywhere during the second century the increasing inability of the Greco-Macedonian ruling class to prevent internal dissolution is noticeable.Since Droysen, many historians have reexamined the political and constitutional history of this period; they include B. There was also a revival (perhaps a transformation) of Pythagorean groups, which began to look like a religious sect.

Seventeen percent of couples that were married in the last three years met on an online dating service, and one out of every five singles in the United States has dated someone he or she met online, according to a study done in 2010 by Chadwick Martin Bailey.

Egypt was the last important survivor of the political system which had developed as a consequence both of the victories of Alexander and of his premature death. But research has been particularly intense and productive in the field of economic and social history (U. Except in Judea, which had an original literature in Hebrew and Aramaic even under Greek rule, the important developments in literature were all in Greek.

The word Hellenism is also used to indicate more generically the cultural tradition of the Greek-speaking part of the Roman Empire between Augustus and Justinian and/or the influence of Greek civilization on Rome, Carthage, India, and other regions which were never part of the empire of Alexander. Even natives of Egypt and Babylonia wrote their histories in Greek (Manetho, Berossus; cf. The schools and the gymnasia were organized according to Greek tradition: Homer, the tragedians of the fifth century (especially Euripides), and the orators and historians of the fourth century were the models of the new classicism.

Finally, Hellenization is used with reference to Judea, Persia, etc. Erudition developed for its own sake and, notably in Alexandria and Pergamum, was under royal protection.

to indicate the penetration of elements of Greek civilization into territories which, though subject to Greco-Macedonian rule for a certain period of time, preserved their national culture with conspicuous success. Droysen stretched the meaning of the word to signify the period of transition from the pagan to the Christian world which started with Alexander. The libraries of Alexandria were centers of research, besides containing extraordinary collections of manuscripts (apparently not confined to texts in Greek).

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