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Then you take it home and heat it again in your frying pan, mutating the molecules even more.

We must start thinking of the quality of every morsel we put into our bodies.

you are wrong about the main ingredient in Becel being palm oils, canola & sunflower oils 74%, water 19%, modified palm & palm kernel oils 6%, salt 0.4%, soy lecithin 0.2%, vegetables monoglycerides 0.2%, potassium sorbate 0.1%, citric acid, alpha-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), natural & artificial flavours, vitamin A palmitate (vitamin A), vitamin D2, beta carotene I bought the Vegan Becel a couple months ago but stopped using it because I found I was getting a weird taste/aftertaste in my mouth, even when I hadn't eaten the margarine.

Thank you very much for clarifying, I will continue to buy my beloved earth balance!! I'm surprised you don't like the taste, I find it delicious!! So far in Vancouver I've only found it at Whole Foods, but the taste is so much better and definitely worth the effort. I feel like Earth Balance should send samples of their whole line so I can review them all for Midnight Poutine..many butters...Like a few other commentors, I too like the taste of Earth Balance and have been using it moderately for the past 10 years.I bought a tub of Becel Vegan one day when I needed margarine but wasn't near a health food store.There is a huge difference in quality between canola oil and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.Olive oil is not heat treated, and extra virgin means the oil was obtained from the olives’ first pressing. This includes hydrogenated shortening and margarine. Margarine Margarine is a synthetic, man-made chemical, alien to our bodies. Hydrogen is forced into vegetable oil to turn it into a saturated fat, solid at room temperature.

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