Jokes about dating high maintenance women

If your car isn’t an expensive sports car (preferably a convertible), she will wear big dark sunglasses so nobody recognizes her riding in it.

High maintenance girls and tiny, well-groomed foo-foo yip-yap dogs go hand in hand.

I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone the other night, and somehow we got on the topic of what it means to be a girl that is “high maintenance.” I’m the first to admit that I don’t particularly like that phrase when it describes a human being.

I mean, normally my dog, my garden (if I had one) or my beige suede boots might be considered high maintenance, but not a person.

But, if you are gonna keep her; you are going to have to pay to play.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a trophy girl on your arm if that is going to make you happy.

This is a top 12 list that my friend and I put together of ways you can tell that your girl might be high maintenance.

I’ve probably left some critical tell tale signs off this list.

For example, she pouts when you want to have a couple friends over to watch the game, and she also pouts when you won’t watch back-to-back episodes of Glee.What the high maintenance girl doesn’t realize, or doesn’t care about, is that by treating her guy like this, she is going to give him a complex. Note to high maintenance girls: It is not necessary to take 8 pairs of shoes, 4 bottles of moisturizer, 5 handbags and every lipstick color you own on an over-night trip. What’s even more annoying is that if a high maintenance girl decides to throw you a bone and go on a picnic, she is so preoccupied by watching for mosquitoes and bugs that she can’t even have a good time. She’s been making payments on that liposuction for two years, and she’s excited to get more. This has got to be one of the most annoying traits of the high maintenance girl. But, she won’t make any effort to be friendly to your friends, and she won’t leave your side for a minute.Then, when he finally dumps her and starts dating someone normal, he is going to take that insecurity with him into his next relationship. High maintenance girls hate exercise because they don’t like to sweat, so plastic surgery is the only way to maintain their rockin bodies. Let me just say this, if your girl is a high maintenance girl, then trust me, her hairdresser and plastic surgeon both know every detail about your sex life. You will say, “Honey, let’s run up to the store and pick up some snacks.” Meanwhile, two hours later, she is still putting on make-up and curling her hair. God forbid you leave her sitting on the couch while you go to the bathroom.She never looks at the price tags when she has your credit card in her wallet.The funny thing is, even after all that, she never really seems happy.

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