Jolie interview dating colin

September 20, the actress stunned the world when news about her filing for divorce from Brad Pitt, her husband of two years, broke. Jonny Lee Miller (1995 to 1999) The relationship ended after shooting ended, but the couple re-kindled their romance the following year and were married on March 28, 1996.

Colin Farrell (2003) and though they never admitted being in a relationship, they apparently hooked up for a brief time.

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and was discovered by Hollywood when Joel Schumacher cast him in the lead role in the war drama Tigerland in 2000. During that time, he also appeared in Steven Spielberg's science fiction thriller Minority Report (2002) and as the villain Bullseye in the superhero film Daredevil (2003).

Francis Ford Coppola's nephew and Jon Voight's daughter were spotted kissing at an event after which rumours about them being involved started doing the rounds.

Neither of them has acknowledged their flirty fling.

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