Judaism beliefs on interracial dating

Often, students who admit to having set expectations for a spouse are sheepish about talking about their beliefs.A moment pregnant with hesitation punctuates their uncertainty about divulging their most intimate hopes for the future, as well as their fear of seeming closed-minded or racist for profiling romantic prospects.According to the United Jewish Association, the rate of Jews marrying non-Jews is currently between 40 and 50 percent.Mendelson said she thinks it can be easy for Jewish students at the University to forget that they are still part of a minority group because there is such a strong Jewish community on campus.

Jewish students are not the only ones who search for that spiritual connection in their mate.

"The fact is that Judaism, like most religions, has family as a cultural tenet to it," Potek said.

"In terms of promoting the continuity of your faith, you're encouraged by almost everyone you meet to marry another Jew." Lovinger said the pressure to marry other Jews comes from every corner of her social life - parents, religious leaders and even friends.

For Smith and other students who identify with minority groups, Sir Mix-A-Lot's summation of love and attraction was right on.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Cosmo Magazine - and the romantic ideals it sells - "ain't got nothin' to do" with dating and marriage preferences.

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