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Their fourth album, So Jealous, was released in 2004 and led to wider success.This album was released through both Vapor and Sanctuary.On their fifth album THE CON, the 26-year old Canadian twins use an intricately varied sonic backdrop (provided by Death Cab for Cutie producer Chris Walla) to express the chaotic thoughts—mostly having to do with the angst of relationships—shooting around their heads.Through music and lyrics, they try to communicate the incommunicable; many of the songs express a desire to penetrate the barriers that our brains put up.I think her lyrics express the intensity of that kind of commitment.

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Several of the songs on The Con deal with the anxiety of being in a relationship — or being out of a one and wanting to get back in.

We would talk for hours on the phone and text each other 40 times a day. That need to communicate clearly comes out in my lyrics. I think Sara was really reflecting on the last 10 years of her life.

Perhaps part of my issue is that Sara and I learned how to communicate with each other before anyone else. She has a partner from America, and they applied for common law status in Canada so they could live as a married couple there.

They reprinted their first album under the name Tegan and Sara.

Neil Young's manager signed them to Young's Vapor Records label and they released This Business of Art through Vapor in 2000. In 2002, the band released their third album If It Was You.

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